Couples and Relationship Therapy

Relationships are not static.  They change and grow as do the people we are in relationship with.  Change can be positive and feel safe or negative where we start to feel unsafe and this can make us feel we are on a shaky foundation.  Things feel difficult and the ease of the relationship has gone.  We can be left feeling hurt, abandoned or fearful. 

Couples and relationship counselling is a space for you to feel safe discussing aspects of your relationship in order to explore ways of changing behaviour or feelings that you find difficult to discuss. 

It is important to me that both parties feel listened to and that means I will not take sides. 

There are so many demands and pressures made on us in these times which can leave a strain on your relationship.  There are many reasons why your relationship may need help: stress, finances, trying for or having a family, other family members, affairs, addictions, feelings of disconnection or past events. 

Your relationship can be influenced by how you were raised, so attachment issues may be an area that you would find helpful to explore. 

Don’t leave it too late before you seek counselling if you feel your relationship is changing for the worse.  A relationship check-up is a good idea to prevent things getting out of hand. 

My work is primarily based on three relationship theorists: 

  • Dr Sue Johnson, renowned for her work on “Emotion Focused Couple Therapy” which aims to help reconnection in the relationship. 
  • John Gottman, author of “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”, seeks to help couples focus on each other and gives strategies to help build a healthy relationship, such as building an “emotional bank account”. 
  • Harville Hendrix, who developed the “Imago Relationship Therapy”, looks at the conscious and unconscious marriage/relationship. 

These therapies aim to help reconnection, build safety and trust in the relationship. 

Conflict is inflammation of what’s really going on in a relationship.  (Dr Sue Johnson)